KFC feels the Gaza heat


Tel Aviv: After the human loss caused by Israel’s attacks in Gaza, anger against Israel is increasing all over the world. While many countries have ended their relations with Israel, people concerned about human rights are also boycotting Israel at their own level all over the world. In Malaysia, US company KFC has closed more than 100 of its stores due to Israel boycott.

In a statement issued on closing its stores, the company has cited the poor economic condition for running the stores as the reason for this. According to China’s newspaper ‘Nanyang Siau Pau’, the American company has closed its 108 outlets. Kelantan state was the most affected by the Gaza boycott, where about 80 percent of KFC stores i.e. 21 outlets have been closed.

Reason given behind closing the stores

KFC stores in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Cambodia are run by a company called QSR Brands. In its statement, it stated the reason for the closure of the stores, “Due to challenging economic conditions and rising costs of running the stores, we have temporarily closed some of our outlets.” Apart from this, it was also said in the statement that the employees working here will be sent to bigger stores. Where and how many stores were closed

According to the QSR website, there are more than 600 KFC outlets in Malaysia. The first outlet was opened in Kuala Lumpur in 1973, after which the company has opened its outlets all over the country.

According to the information received from Google Maps, 15 stores in Johor have also been temporarily closed, along with 11 stores in Selangor and Kedah, 10 stores in Terengganu, 10 stores in Pahang, 9 stores in Perak, 6 stores have been closed. The closures are 2 stores in Perlis, 2 in Malacca, 5 in Penang, 3 in Kuala Lumpur, 2 in Sarawak and 1 in Sabah.


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