Keep thyroid pangs at bay with some quick hacks

Lucknow: In today’s time, thyroid issues are common. If you are also a thyroid patient, then you must adopt this treatment suggested by us. Thyroid is a  gland in our throat which is responsible for producing hormones properly. Excess is what is called  hyperthyroid. Thyroid is such a disease that if you are affected by it then you start feeling fatigue, change in weight and feel cold.

Additionally, your hair also starts falling. In such a situation, you should take iodine rich food. It is important to eat a diet rich in zinc which contains salt. This will maintain the balance of your thyroid. If you are also a thyroid patient then read this article completely because home remedies are given here which will reduce your thyroid.

Whole coriander

Whole coriander helps in treating thyroid problems. If you want, you can soak two spoons of whole dharna in 500 ml water and boil it in the morning and reduce the water to half. After this, cool this water and drink it slowly, this will help you in reducing thyroid.


Mulethi is a cure for hundred diseases. Similarly, if you use Mulethi for thyroid, then your thyroid will reduce. You can consume Mulethi tea or Mulethi powder. Due to this, thyroid patients start losing weight.

Raw coconut water

Raw coconut water is very good for all diseases. But today we are talking about thyroid, so it will work for your thyroid also. If you are a thyroid patient, this will be very beneficial for you. You should consume raw coconut daily.

Flax seeds

Omega 3 is found in flax seeds. If you are a thyroid patient then definitely consume flax seeds. The right way to eat it is to grind flaxseed, make its powder and consume one spoon of it daily.


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