HP leads the Make in India Revolution by example

Make in India

New Delhi: In a major boost, to the ‘Make in India’ initiative, PC and printer major HP  said it has partnered with metal injection molding (MIM) company Indo-MIM to mass produce metal 3DP parts in India.

With HP’s 3DP technology, Indo-MIM will scale up production of 3D-printed high-precision metal parts for sectors such as automobile, aerospace, defence, consumer electronics and medical equipment segments.

According to the company, these machines installed at Indo-MIM’s Bengaluru facility will cater to the needs of both domestic and international markets.

“We are ready to transform metal parts production in India by manufacturing locally and exporting across the world,” said Savi Baweja, President, Personalization and 3D Printing, HP.

As part of this partnership, Indo-MIM has invested in three HP Metal Jet S100 printers.

Its two advanced Metal Jet S100 printers will provide local support to Indian customers and expand production.

One of them will focus on new material development, while the other will drive application development and catering to customers in India, the Middle East and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.

The third printer has been installed at the Indo-MIM facility in the US.

Krishna Chivukula Jr., CEO, Indo-MIM, said, “HP’s Metal Jet S100 printer equips us with the latest technology, enabling us to meet the growing demands of our customers, as well as qualified materials on the HP printer platform. Let’s also expand the library.

The company said that through this partnership, HP’s advanced technology enables Indo-MIM to produce top quality metal parts for both the Indian and US markets.


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