CSIR implements new in-house ‘Accounts Manager Software’


New Delhi: CSIR has set an example for all other Central autonomous institutions in the country by successfully implementing its in-house developed ‘Accounts Manager Software’ for financial management.

On 01 April 2024, CSIR generated its Annual accounts for the financial year 2023-24, well ahead of the General Financial Rules (GFR) deadline of 30 June. The Annual Accounts for the financial year 2023-24 have already been submitted to the Office of the CAG.

With an intuitive interface designed for ease of use, software users can effortlessly input, track, and manage financial data. Moreover, it generates comprehensive financial reports, balance sheets, income & expenditure statements, and other relevant analytics, empowering CSIR with actionable insights for informed decision-making. The software ensures data security through role-based access.

One of the most vital features of the CSIR software is its real-time monitoring capability, allowing users to monitor financial activities in real-time. This enables timely intervention and better decision-making.


Presentation of signed copy of Balance sheet to Ms. Gurveen Sidhu, Director General of Audit, Environment and Scientific Departments, C&AG, New Delhi

The software helps to streamline and manage financial transactions, accounting, and reporting within CSIR with unparalleled efficiency. It facilitates the handling of financial data and ensures transparency and accuracy in every process. By standardizing financial practices, improving efficiency, and enabling better financial control across CSIR labs, this software has introduced a new era of financial management that handles a complex network of all its employees, pensioners, family pensioners, and Project staff.

The AMS software was developed by an in-house team of officers comprising  S.P. Singh, Sr. Dy. FA,  Arvind Khanna, FAO and  Akansha Trehan, Technical Officer. It has been implemented across CSIR Hqrs & its 37 National Labs spread all over the country under the mentorship of Dr N. Kalaiselvi, DG, CSIR/Secretary, DSIR and leadership of Shri Chetan Prakash Jain, Joint Secretary & Financial Adviser, CSIR/DSIR.


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