Cop plays angel to ailing monkey

Cop plays angel

Bulandshahr: As summer heat wreaks havoc, not only humans but also animals and birds are suffering from the scorching heat. Amidst these circumstances, a video of a soldier’s humanity is going viral on social media. The soldier’s noble deed is being praised everywhere. Due to the scorching heat in the Chhatari police station premises of Bulandshahr district, a baby monkey suddenly fell victim to heat stroke and fell down from the tree in an unconscious state.

Head constable showed courage

When the condition of the baby monkey worsened, there was panic among the nearby monkeys and no one could muster the courage to go near the unconscious monkey. Then the head constable of the police station, Vikas Tomar, showed courage and after an hour of hard work, the monkey was brought back to consciousness safely. In the viral video, the soldier is seen trying to bring the monkey back to consciousness by pumping its heart.

Police personnel Vikas Tomar posted at Bulandshahr Chhatari police station set an example of humanity by saving the life of the monkey. A monkey fell unconscious due to heat in the Chhatari police station premises. Constable Vikas Tomar saw his problem and picked him up, pumped the monkey’s heart and gave him water to drink and saved his life.

The constable is being praised everywhere

After this, the constable bathed the monkey with water and gave him water to drink. In the video, the monkey is also seen jumping after regaining consciousness. When the monkey regained consciousness, a policeman who was making the video was seen saying to him, hey… say namaste to the sahab. When the monkey regained consciousness completely, he went to his group of monkeys. On the other hand, the courage and humanity of Head Constable Vikas Tomar is being praised everywhere.


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