An electoral record that still remains a distant dream


Hamirpur: Fourteen general elections were held in the Hamirpur-Mahoba Lok Sabha seat of Bundelkhand in the last 57 years, but no one could score a hat-trick on this seat. This time, the current MP who scored a hat-trick for BJP is in the fray, who can break the record of Congress if there is more than 60 percent voting.

In the first Lok Sabha election of 1952, ML Dwivedi was the first leader to become an MP in the Congress wave. He got 32.7 percent votes. The people of the parliamentary constituency trusted his honesty and simple nature three times in a row. He remained MP from this seat for three consecutive times till 1962. However, in 1957, he got only 28.6 percent votes, while the third time he got 47.99 percent votes.

According to Baburam Prakash Tripathi, an elderly social worker of the parliamentary constituency, ML Dwivedi contested the Lok Sabha elections for the fourth time in 1967. He wanted to create a record by running Vijay Rath on this seat for the fourth time, but he lost badly to Swami Brahmanand Maharaj of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Jan Sangh Party. He got 31 percent votes, while Jan Sangh Party candidate Swami Brahmanand Maharaj got the highest number of votes, more than 54 percent. After losing the parliamentary constituency election for the fourth time, a veteran leader like ML Dwivedi retired from politics.

Brahmanand became MP twice in a row

Two leaders became MPs twice in a row on Hamirpur-Mahoba parliamentary seat, but both could not win the seat for the third time in a row. Swami Brahmanand Maharaj became MP for the first time in 1967 on a Jan Sangh ticket by getting more than 54 percent votes in the Lok Sabha elections. He became MP again in the 1971 Lok Sabha elections, but Swami Brahmanand could not make a hat-trick on this seat in the 1977 general elections. After this, he also distanced himself from politics. Similarly, Gangacharan Rajput became MP in the 1996 general elections. In 1998, he became MP for the second consecutive time, but in the 1999 elections, Gangacharan could not make a hat-trick on this seat. However, he became MP three times.

Pushpendra Singh Chandel has made lotus bloom twice in a row

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Pushpendra Singh Chandel became MP from Bundelkhand Lok Sabha seat-47 for the first time in the Modi wave. He won the seat here by defeating former minister Vishambar Prasad Nishad by a margin of 266778 votes. He got 47.045 percent of the total votes. Pushpendra Singh Chandel defeated alliance BSP candidate Dilip Singh by a margin of 248652 votes in the 2019 general elections. Pushpendra Singh Chandel became MP for the second consecutive time by getting 52.77 percent votes. To score a hattrick on this seat, he has given a tough fight to the alliance’s SP candidate Ajendra Singh Rajput in the electoral field. This time he can score a hattrick on this seat and break the record of 57 years.


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