Conspiracy to destroy democracy says Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Income Tax Department has given notice to Congress for recovery of Rs 3500 crore. The party is worried about this and is raising questions on such a big action during the Lok Sabha elections. Meanwhile, what the Income Tax Department has said in the Supreme Court can be a big relief for the Congress.

The Income Tax Department said in the court that it will not take any strict action against Congress during the Lok Sabha elections. Not only this, the department told the court that the case should be postponed till June and the hearing should be held only after the elections. The Income Tax Department said that we do not want to increase the troubles of any party during the Lok Sabha elections.

On this, the court has now decided to hold the next hearing on July 24. Earlier, Congress had alleged that the central government wants to destabilize the party by using the Income Tax Department. Such action is being taken deliberately just before the Lok Sabha elections.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta told the Supreme Court that elections are still going on. In such a situation, the department does not want any party to face any problem during the elections. In fact, Congress had approached the court challenging the 2016 decision of the High Court. On the basis of which the Income Tax Department is issuing notice to him.

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Reportedly Rahul Gandhi himself had made a scathing attack on the action of the Income Tax Department. Recently, after the Congress Working Committee meeting, Rahul Gandhi had said that it seems that democracy has ended in the country. Our accounts have been frozen and notices worth hundreds of crores are being sent. Even after this, the country’s court, Election Commission and media are silent. Everyone is watching the show together. There is a conspiracy to destroy democracy.


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