CMS teachers and workers motivate public to cast vote

Lucknow : More than 3000 CMS teachers and workers came together at City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Campus II auditorium and resolved to caste their vote and also create awareness among the public to exercise their franchise in the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections as responsible citizens. At this special programme, the teachers and staff sent a message to the over 62,000 students of CMS and all other students of the country to motivate their parents and neighbours to contribute in the country’s progress by using their franchise in the correct way, making the right choice in the elections and choosing correctly in the interest of the country. In a democratic country like India, elections are an important way for the citizens to assert their rights and participate in the good governance of the country.This information was given by the Chief Public Relations Officer of City Montessori School, Hari Om Sharma. Sharma stated that Lok Sabha elections will be held in Lucknow on 20th May. CMS, as the lighthouse of society, has taken upon itself the responsibility of educating the youth and children and inspiring them to contribute to the democratic process. The institution is also using various social media platforms to spread awareness among the general public to exercise their voting rights and elect leaders who will take the country towards progress leaving aside the caste, creed and race of the candidates.

CMS Founder-Director, renowned social worker, Dr Bharti Gandhi has appealed to the conscientious public to participate whole heartedly in large numbers in the voting process and use their power of voting judiciously and not to be led astray by false promises. Every citizen above the age of 18 is entitled to cast his vote. Dr Gandhi further said that CMS students and teachers have always been raising their voice for socially useful projects and campaigns. CMS Manager Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon has also appealed to the public to use their voting rights with correct judgement as socially aware and conscientious citizens with no false prejudice and blind faith but with logical and reasoning.


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