Clash between Family First versus Nation First – CM Yogi

Nation First

Pilibhit: Our generation considers itself fortunate because we have seen a changing India. Before 2014, there was mistrust and chaos in the country. The common people had lost faith in the government, power and politicians. In such a situation, the world had stopped respecting Indians. That was a period when Annadata farmers were committing suicide. The youth were forced to migrate. Extremism and Naxalism were dominant in the country. The picture of the country changed after 2014. Today the world is seeing a new India.

In this, security, prosperity, employment to the youth and faith to the common people are being guaranteed. Today the respect of the country has increased in the world. Today people proudly say that I am an Indian, led by the world’s most popular politician, Prime Minister  Narendra Modi. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said these things in the Prabuddh Sammelan organized in Pilibhit. During this, he appealed to vote in favor of state government minister and BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate Jitin Prasada.

Government connected Pilibhit with new stream of development

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the youth of the country and the state no longer migrate but are setting up their own startups. The daughters are not feeling unsafe, rather they are singing the praises of India’s security by becoming fighter pilots. At the same time, Indians are proudly gaining respect in the world under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Today our borders are completely secure, terrorism in Kashmir, extremism and Naxalism in the North-Eastern states have completely ended. There is a better security environment in the country. Criminals-mafia are defeated in the state and daughter-businessmen are safe. The state has become riot free.

There is complete control on curfew in the state, but Kanwar Yatra is going on with much fanfare. He said that India is working by better coordinating both its heritage and development. By accepting all the proposals of medical college, road and bridge in Pilibhit, the government has worked to connect it with the new stream of development. Not only this, the government is also working to promote Pilibhit as an excellent destination for eco-tourism. In Pilibhit, electric fencing has been done around the farmers’ land lying in the middle of the forest to prevent human-wildlife conflict. Apart from this, the state government has implemented the system of compensation for food providers by including the loss of life and loss of life in the category of disaster to save the farmers from wild animals.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi took over the reins of the country in 2014, India was known as the 11th economy of the world. At that time the country was considered a backward country. Today the country has become the fifth largest economy. It will be established as the third largest economy in the world in just 3 years of the third term of Prime Minister  Narendra Modi. This time this election is going to be between Family First vs Nation First and Mafia Raj vs Law and Order.

Chief Minister  Yogi Adityanath said that remember, be it SP or Congress, the president of their party can only be a person from a family, whereas Prime Minister  Narendra Modi is going to dedicate his entire life to the country after coming from an ordinary poor family. For him, India worth Rs 140 crore is his family. He said that you have seen the SP tenure when the youth were waving guns instead of employment. We have done the work of giving tablets to the youth. If people from SP, Congress and BSP come to the state, they will bring mafia rule with them. Whereas BJP believes in the rule of law.

He said this election is being held on corruption versus zero tolerance. He said that a government with strong will is needed to decide that there should be jails in place of corrupt people and mafia, this work can be done only under the leadership of Bharatiya Janata Party.

BJP State Government Minister  Sanjay Gangwar, former Minister Suresh Rana, Legislative Council Member  Rajnikant Maheshwari, State Vice President  Santosh Singh, District President  Sanjeev Pratap Singh, District Incharge  Gulshan Anand etc. were present in the program.


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