City gears up for Chaitra Navratri

Lucknow: April 9 is the Pratipada of Chaitra Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Hindu New Year will begin from this day. 9 forms of Mother Goddess are worshiped during 9 days of Navratri. Devotees also observe fast to please the Mother Goddess. According to religious beliefs, by worshiping Goddess Durga as per the rituals during Navratri, all the wishes are fulfilled. The time for establishing the Kalash is also very important. Kalash should be established only at the right time.

Time for establishing Kalash from 9 am to sunset: Kalash can be established from 5 am to sunset on 9th April. According to the Hindu calendar, Pratipada Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month will start from 11.55 pm on April 8, which will end at 9.43 pm on April 9. Based on Udaya Tithi, Chaitra Navratri will start from April 9. At the same time, on April 9, Abhijeet Muhurta will be from 11:33 pm to 12:24 pm. Any kind of auspicious work can be done in Abhijeet Muhurta.

This time Maa Durga will come riding on a horse. There are some rules for those who keep fast during the nine days of Navratri.

The auspicious time of Ramnavmi worship is from 11:17 to 01:35. It is said that Lord Rama was born on the day of Ram Navami, hence special puja and havan is performed in homes on this day. Parana Dashami Tithi of Navratri will be celebrated on 18th April. Navami fast and havan will be performed on Wednesday 17th April. It is considered good to recite Ramcharitmanas on the day of Ramnavami.


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