In Summertime, Youngistan gets creative to make money 

Lucknow: Despite the current lifestyle and inflation, every youth wants to be able to fulfill all their hobbies and bear the expenses themselves. The youth of today wants to be self dependent and not ask their parents for money. Making money is quite the in thing when students are in college. Even when summer vacations are on. With this money you can consume whatever you want, whether you want to go shopping, party with friends or buy any gadget. Therefore, the option of part-time job during college is more suitable for students.

Due to this, they do not have to go to any office and their college studies also continue continuously. At the same time, this experience is also helpful for the students in getting full time job after studies. Apart from providing money and experience, these jobs help you in networking with other professionals and developing an impressive resume. Let us know about some major areas where you can do part time job.

Data Entry

Nowadays, almost every college going youth has a laptop or a computer at home. In such a situation, data entry jobs can be a great option. These jobs are available online and are in high demand. In this it is only important that your typing speed is good. In these you will need to enter data (numeric, alphabetical etc.) from one document to another or database. The more work you do every day, the more you will be able to earn.

Web Developer

Due to the increasing dominance of the internet, there is a huge need for skilled web developers and freelancing is considered more profitable in this industry. A professional degree in computer science, combined with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of coding and markup language, will open up a wide range of attractive options for you.

Content Writing

If you have strong language skills and can write well then you can apply for part-time content writer position. As a content writer, you will be expected to write content for websites, blogs, social media, etc. You must be fluent in the relevant language and have excellent writing and research skills.


This is the biggest option for students who want to do part time job. Constantly express his opinion about different topics on the blog. Once the reach of viewers on the blog becomes good, advertisements will also start appearing on it. Then you can earn money from this by promoting the products.

 Home Tuition

You can also enhance your academic knowledge by working as a coaching teacher while studying in college. Higher education kids or younger students mostly look for tutors for help in certain subjects. Students can do this from home through Zoom call or Skype.


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