BJP treads a tricky path to Delhi throne

New Delhi: BJP raised the slogan of crossing 400 with great enthusiasm during the entire Lok Sabha election campaign. The general public was quite surprised to hear this slogan and wondered what the BJP leaders were saying. Crossing 400 without voting and when the results came after the votes were cast, not only the BJP but also the voters themselves were surprised. The BJP-supported NDA seems to be struggling for 300. The trend of results that has come out so far makes it clear that the BJP-supported NDA will not be able to attain the 400 paar feat.

Where the shortcomings were is now a matter of deliberation, but the states on the basis of which the BJP leaders were making noise, out of those, the most trusted states did not support it. Not one or two, but BJP had no inkling of this result from a total of 4 big states.

Before the elections, it can only be guessed when the public will turn which way. The reality is faced only on the day of the results. Now there will be a period of deliberation in the BJP for a long time regarding the results, the reasons will also come out. But the results are showing that BJP did not get the support of the country’s largest state Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, Rajasthan and Maharashtra have also given a shock to BJP.

BJP did not get success in these 4 states!

BJP was expecting the best result from West Bengal, but once again Mamata Banerjee has overshadowed BJP. That is, BJP has been shown a thumbs down in UP, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and West Bengal. Whereas in the 2019 elections, BJP had an excellent performance in these states. BJP was hoping that this time it would get more seats from these states than the last election.BJP seems to be getting even less seats than the last election.

Due to poor performance in these four states, BJP itself has remained far away from the majority. In the 2019 elections, BJP got a total of 302 seats. But this time it is difficult to cross even 250.

In the first two hours in UP, BJP’s bigwigs were in a bit of a fix.

In the trends, BJP is seen winning around 240 seats, which means BJP may have around 60 seats less than in 2019. Whereas before the election, the slogan of NDA crossing 400 was being given. But now NDA has to struggle for 300 seats and there is a possibility that the NDA family may remain below 300.

Uttar Pradesh

BJP has suffered the biggest setback from Uttar Pradesh. Where NDA does not seem to win even half of the 80 Lok Sabha seats, whereas in the last election, BJP had won total 62 seats in UP, and this time it seems to be limited to less than 40 seats. In this way, BJP has lost at least 25 seats in Uttar Pradesh.

West Bengal

In West Bengal, BJP had won 18 seats in 2019. But this time the number seems to be stuck way below. Whereas BJP had put in all its strength here. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself was talking about the surprising result from West Bengal.

Rajasthan and Maharashtra

In Rajasthan, the BJP alliance had won all 25 seats in 2019. But in this election, it seems to be getting only 14 seats. Apart from this, BJP is suffering losses in Maharashtra, while Shiv Sena (Uddhav faction) seems to be gaining.


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