Jagdambika Pal continues his run of wins

Siddharth Nagar: In the counting of votes of Lok Sabha constituency Dumariyaganj, Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Jagdambika Pal waved the flag of victory for the fourth time. He got a total of 463303 votes and his nearest rival Indi Alliance Samajwadi Party candidate Bhishmashankar alias Kushal Tiwari got 420575 votes. Jagdambika Pal won the election of Lok Sabha constituency Dumariyaganj by 42728 votes. Whereas Azad Samaj Party candidate Chaudhary Amar Singh got 81305 votes, Bahujan Samaj Party candidate Nadeem Mirza got 35936, Peace Party candidate Naushad Azam got 5138 votes, independent candidate Kiran Devi got 3261 votes and NOTA got 9447 votes. After the declaration of victory, Jagdambika Pal was given a certificate by the District Election Officer. After which the supporters started showering gulal abir in victory and started distributing sweets. The supporters of Jagadambikaa Pal started celebrating by distributing sweets in their respective towns and areas.


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