Akshay Kumar Wraps First Schedule of ‘Jolly LLB 3’

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar has successfully completed the first shooting schedule for his much-anticipated film, ‘Jolly LLB 3’. The upcoming courtroom drama sees the return of Jagdishwar Mishra, a character that has endeared Kumar to audiences nationwide.

Adding to the excitement surrounding the film, a local artist who worked on the set took to social media to share a humbling and heartwarming experience of working alongside Akshay Kumar. The artist shared a picture from the set and wrote: “I greeted Akshay Sir with Jai Shi Ram, so he bowed and greeted me back by saying Jai Shri Ram. I was with @akshaykumar on the shoot the whole day yesterday. I was curious as to what it was about him that people get so happy seeing him. Few people even started crying after meeting him; a few got overwhelmed. Observing Akshay Kumar yesterday, I realized that someone who lives by positive values exudes positivity. He sleeps at 9 p.m., wakes up at 4 a.m., works out, and doesn’t have any bad habits. He believes in God and goes about his work with all earnestness. I salute this man.”

This heartfelt testimony underscores the admiration and respect Akshay Kumar acquires both on and off the screen. Known for his disciplined lifestyle and dedication to his craft, Kumar continues to inspire fans and crew alike.

With the wrap of the first schedule, fans’ anticipation for ‘Jolly LLB 3’ the excitement is soaring. The return of Jagdishwar Mishra promises a blend of humor, drama, and courtroom sequences that have made the franchise a favorite among audiences.


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