Uttar Pradesh ranks first in expansion of electric transmission lines

Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Limited expanded the maximum 220 kV or 1460 circuit kilometer transmission lines in the country

Expansion of 1460 circuit kilometer transmission lines in the state in the financial year 2024

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh is moving towards self-reliance by setting new records in the field of power generation and distribution to meet its energy needs. Last year, the state got the status of the state supplying the highest electricity in the country during peak hours, this time the state has topped the entire country in the expansion of transmission lines.

In the financial year 2024, a total of 6,993 circuit kilometer (ckm) transmission lines were expanded in the state utility, which is about 64 percent as compared to the target of 11,002 circuit kilometer (ckm). Most of the increase took place in the category of 220 kV line. UPPTCL’s contribution in the total transmission lines expansion done by the state utility across the country is more than 20 percent, which is the highest in the country. In the same order, Gujarat’s share is 13 percent. Tamil Nadu is third, Andhra Pradesh fourth and Bihar fifth in this work.

According to the data released by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA), Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the leading state in the country in terms of expansion of transmission lines by state transmission utilities in FY 2024.

In the state utility Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Limited (UPPTCL) extended 1,460 circuit kilometer (ckm) transmission lines of 220 kV or above in FY 2024. This is far more than the achievement achieved by any other state utility. Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited (GETCO) is at second place in the ranking of state utilities, which extended 898 circuit kilometer (ckm) line in FY 2024.

In FY24, UPPTCL also commissioned an important 220 kV double-circuit line extending from Maharajganj substation to PGCIL’s 400 kV Gorakhpur substation totalling 174 circuit kilometres (ckm).

UPPTCL in Uttar Pradesh is likely to soon commission another important 400 kV double-circuit transmission line extending 478 circuit kilometres (ckm), i.e. from Aligarh to Shamli. It was originally expected to be commissioned by July 2023 (in FY24). All 737 towers for the construction of this line have been erected, with stringing work being almost 90 per cent complete by the end of March 2024.

In the financial year 2023 also, UPPTCL had achieved the highest position among state utilities by expanding 1,447 circuit kilometer (ckm) transmission lines, surpassing the state utility’s target of 1036 circuit kilometer (ckm) line. At the same time, Bihar State Power Transmission Company Limited (BSPTCL) stood second by expanding 914 circuit kilometer line, more than the target of 829 circuit kilometer (ckm). Similarly, Karnataka Power Transmission was at third position with expansion of 617 circuit kilometer (ckm) line. In the financial year 2023, a total of 6,816 circuit kilometer (ckm) transmission lines were expanded in the state utility, out of which about 75 percent were in the 220 kilovolt (kV) category.


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