Unique Surya Tilak, a first in centuries

Ayodhya:  This is the first Ram Navami after the consecration of Ramlala in Ram temple. Lord Shri Ram’s surya tilak has been applied. Surya Abhishek of Ramlala was done with the rays of the sun. For the first time in the history of 500 years, Surya Abhishek of Shri Ram has taken place. A huge crowd of devotees has gathered in Ayodhya on Ram Navami.

Ayodhya Ram Temple Construction Committee Chairman Nripendra Mishra said, “I wish everyone a happy Ram Navami.

Ramlala Sarkar’s divine consecration was done, these grand pictures of the Lord are fascinating

Successful efforts have been made and today as per the schedule, the sun’s rays fell on the forehead of the idol of Ram Lala. ‘Garba Griha’ is being celebrated all over the country.


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