Unique Modi, Yogi bonhomie


Lucknow: The seven-phase elections and the long campaigning that went on during this period have come to an end, now everyone’s eyes are fixed on the results coming on June 4. Amidst all this, the exit poll results based on the reports of various survey agencies on Saturday have filled the BJP and NDA with great enthusiasm. Now it is also being discussed that the Modi-Yogi duo has once again proved to be a superhit in UP. The chemistry between the two leaders was also very strong during the Lok Sabha elections.

From Meerut to Mirzapur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) were with each other in about 21 programs. During this period, 13 public meetings, 5 road shows, nomination in Varanasi and darshan-puja at Kashi Vishwanath temple and Kaal Bhairav ​​temple, the dialogues between the two leaders which increased mutual respect and trust towards each other were discussed everywhere. Apart from this, many videos of this period also went viral on social media, which further strengthened the growing trust between Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Yogi.

During the public meeting held in Pilibhit, when the Chief Minister wanted to go to the dias from behind the Prime Minister for the stage address, then the Prime Minister holding his hand and requesting him to go from the front went viral on various platforms of social media. Apart from this, the video of presenting trident to the Prime Minister in Kashi Vishwanath temple was also taken up by the internet users and this video also remained trending for a long time.

In 15 public meetings out of 21 programs with PM Modi, Modi-Yogi openly displayed their trust in each other. The Prime Minister, while calling CM Yogi his Chief Minister, said that he feels proud that he has a partner like Yogi with him. At the same time, he praised Yogi’s work everywhere. Especially the tremendous improvement in the law and order of the state was praised by PM Modi in every rally. The Prime Minister’s addresses like ‘Our Yogi Ji’, ‘My Yogi Ji’ also demonstrated the strong relationship between the two leaders. At the same time, the public also liked the pair of both the leaders a lot in UP with the slogans of ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai aur Yogi hai to yakin hai’.

Yogi always seen on the right side of Modi

Once again, Modi government and this time, Yogi (CM Yogi), engaged day and night in the mission of crossing 400, campaigned in all 80 seats of UP in the last two months. Yogi went to campaign for many of these seats two to three times. Apart from this, Yogi held public meetings in 12 states and two union territories and appealed to vote in favour of the Prime Minister. Along with this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath remained with the Prime Minister like a shadow on every big platform in the state. Not only in public meetings, Yogi was also seen with the Prime Minister from darshan-puja in temples to the nomination of the PM. Whether it was a road show or a public meeting, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was always seen on the right side of PM Modi, which also sent a big message to the public.

When were Modi-Yogi seen together in UP

The public meetings in which Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) was seen with Prime Minister Narendra Modi like a shadow include Meerut (31 March), Saharanpur (6 April), Pilibhit (9 April), Amroha (19 April), Aligarh (22 April), Agra (25 April), Etawah (5 May), Lalganj (16 May), Barabanki (17 May), Nari Shakti Samvad program in Varanasi (21 May), Basti (22 May), Ghazipur (25 May), Mirzapur/Robertsganj (26 May). Apart from this, PM Modi did five big road shows with the Chief Minister in UP, which include road show in Ghaziabad (6 April), road show in Bareilly (26 April), road show in Kanpur (4 May), road show in Ayodhya (5 May) and road show in Varanasi (13 May). Also, the Chief Minister accompanied the Prime Minister like a shadow during the darshan-puja at the Kaal Bhairav ​​Temple and Shri Kashi Vishwanath Dham in Varanasi (May 13) and during the nomination of PM Modi in Varanasi (May 14).


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