U.P. meets peak power demand effortlessly


Lucknow: Due to severe heat, humid weather and heat wave in the state, the demand for electricity has increased the most, as the temperature rises, it becomes a very challenging task for the electricity personnel to meet the increased demand of electricity for the consumers in a quality manner. The Energy Department of Uttar Pradesh has successfully completed this challenge and once again, like last year, has made a record of efficiently meeting the highest peak demand in the country, leaving Maharashtra behind. Till two years ago, this record was in the name of Maharashtra in the whole country.

Like last year, this year too, the Electricity Department of Uttar Pradesh has made a record of the highest electricity supply in the whole country during peak hours and has left Maharashtra behind in this matter. This has been possible only due to efficient management and excellent leadership in a big state like Uttar Pradesh, which has been praised all over the country.

Uttar Pradesh had the highest peak demand in the country of 29282 MW on May 28, 2024, while the highest peak demand in Maharashtra till date was only 27517 MW on May 23. On that day also, the peak demand of electricity in the state was 28010 MW.

If we look at the peak demand of electricity in the state for a week, the peak demand of 28010 MW on 23 May, 29147 MW on 24 May, 29215 MW on 25 May, 29084 MW on 26 May, 29261 MW on 27 May, 29282 MW on 28 May and 29077 MW on 29 May was met successfully and the people of the state did not have to face power crisis in the scorching heat. Wherever there was disruption in supply due to overloading and local faults, efforts were made to fix it soon.

At present, the heat is at its peak. This time there is no significant drop in temperature even in the evening and at night. The havoc of scorching heat is also affecting the power system of the state and the capacity of the generating units. As the temperature is continuously increasing, the demand for electricity is also increasing. The Power Corporation is continuously supplying electricity in proportion to the increased electricity demand in the state. Including rural and urban areas of the state, about 4634 substations are smoothly supplying electricity to the consumers. Out of this, the effect of increasing electricity demand in summer was seen at only 40 substations and overloading was found, which was immediately resolved by distributing the load from the nearby substations to ensure normal power supply. Work is being done at all these stations under the business plan for a permanent solution.

Electricity workers are engaged day and night in solving the problems of consumers and restoring power supply, in such a difficult situation, the cooperation of the people of the state is also requested, so that the power system is not affected in any way.


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