Tejashwi Yadav takes a jibe at NDA

Tejashwi Yadav

Patna: RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav  hit back at Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement in which Amit Shah had said that as soon as the NDA government is formed in 2024, casteism and nepotism will be eradicated from Bihar. Yadav said that the NDA should start it from its own home.

While talking to reporters in Patna on Tuesday, Tejashwi Yadav said that his statement is ridiculous. There are two reasons for this too. First, his government is not going to be formed and second, he should start from his own home first.

Who are the people with nepotism in his party? We have even released the list, you all have seen it. First start from your party and your own home.

On Shah’s candidature for the PM after the formation of the Indi alliance government, Tejashwi said that it is accepted that the Indi alliance is winning. Our government is going to be formed.

He said that this time the condition of these people is very bad in Bihar. The NDA has been wiped out from Bihar and these people are completely nervous and bewildered.

He said that 2500 sisters were exploited in Karnataka and the exploiter was their partner and now it is known that he has fled to Germany. Before this, the Prime Minister was silent on all these cases of exploitation of women wrestlers. The Prime Minister was also silent on the atrocities committed against women in Manipur.

Tejashwi Yadav, the leader of the Rashtriya Janta Dal and Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, responded to Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s ‘India Bloc scared’ remark and said that the people of Bihar will give shocking results in the Lok Sabha Elections. “People of Bihar will give shocking results in the elections. Those who visit Bihar regularly are the ones who are afraid. We respect and welcome everyone in Bihar. The Prime Minister made promises to the people of Bihar but did not deliver anything,” he added.


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