Scholars’ Home: Inspiring Excellence and Shaping Future

Scholars' Home

Lucknow – Scholars’ Home is proud to announce its stellar performance in the recent ICSE and ISC 2024 board examinations. With an impressive display of academic excellence, the students have achieved outstanding results, cementing their position as a leading institution in the region. All students of Scholars’ Home have successfully passed with distinction. The students have set new records of scoring high percentage. Niyati Saxena has secured 98.4%, Aryaman Rai 96.2%, Yashya Srivastava 95.2%, Shashwat Shukla 95.2%, Rudraksh Yadav 94.4%, Shivani Prajapati 93.2%, Arjun Singh Bais 93%Tasmiyan Afreen 92.4%, Anushka…

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