Gurdeep Mehndi drops New Song ‘Inipu’ with Stefy Patel 

Gurdeep Mehndi

Mumbai: Gurdeep Mehndi, renowned as the Prince of Pop, has released his eagerly awaited new EP under the Saregama music label. This thrilling collection features four dynamic tracks: “Inipu,” “Waari,” “Nasha,” and “Jaan,” each showcasing Gurdeep’s signature style, characterized by infectious melodies by Yeah Proof and profound lyrics by King Ricky. The EP opens with “Inipu” with Stefy Patel a track that captivates listeners with its lively tempo and catchy hooks Video now out on Saregama. Following this, “Waari,” “Nasha,” and “Jaan” each bring their own unique themes and rhythms,…

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