Apoorva Arora Reflects on Collaborating with Parikshit Joshi

Apoorva Arora

Mumbai: Apoorva Arora, known for her versatile acting, recently shared her experience of working with Director Parikshit Joshi after the success of their series ‘Family Aaj Kal.’ Parikshit, who expressed his gratitude on Instagram for their collaboration, referred to Apoorva as his “FIRST HEROINE,” highlighting the significance of their partnership in his career. In his Instagram post, Parikshit wrote, “You’ve been a part of lot of my ‘FIRSTS’… This is a special FIRST, and the fact that you’re my FIRST HEROINE makes me really happy and content.” He expressed gratitude…

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Actor Apoorva Arora receiving rave reviews for Family Aaj Kal

apoorva arora

Mumbai: Apoorva Arora’s talent and influence in the entertainment industry have been constants in her career, with her recent success in the series “Family Aaj Kal” adding another feather to her cap. The show, which explores the dynamics of acceptance and open-mindedness within families, has showcased Apoorva’s versatility and acting prowess once again. In “Family Aaj Kal,” Apoorva’s portrayal of Mehar has been praised for its depth and authenticity, drawing viewers into the complexities of her character’s journey. Despite her character’s challenges, Apoorva’s performance shines, captivating audiences and critics alike.…

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