Be a fitness freak with the right attitude


Lucknow: Keeping yourself fit in this fast paced life is no less than a challenge. Bad eating habits and deteriorating lifestyle are having a bad effect on health. Due to this, obesity and weight are increasing rapidly. In such a situation, many people judge their fitness by looking at their waist. If their stomach is bulging out, then they consider themselves unfit and if it is inside, then they consider themselves fit, but this is not a measurement of how fit one is. We are going to tell you how to understand your fitness.

Measure to check fitness

1. Physical activities

Small tasks in a day are enough to tell how fit you are. If something is falling in front of you, then reacting immediately and catching it shows your fitness. The faster you make yourself active, climb stairs, do some work quickly, it shows your fitness. If you do not get breathless or tired while doing this, then it means you are fit. Therefore, definitely include physical activities in your life.

2. Check heart rate

The normal heart rate of a fit body can be 60-100 per minute. More than this is considered above average. In adults, the heart rate can be 70-75 per minute. You can check your fitness by checking it from time to time.

3. Understand body balance
Body balance is also a measure of fitness. Fitness can be checked by standing on one leg. Right-handers should stand on the left leg and left-handers should stand on the right leg for 30 seconds. If you are able to stand easily on one leg, it means your body balance is fine and you are fit.

4. Flexibility

Lie on your back and put your straight leg on your chest and stay like this for 30 seconds. If you are not facing any problem in doing this, then you are completely flexible, which will help in other activities. You can estimate your fitness from this.


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