Traffic snarls cause chaos, but who cares ?

Lucknow: The problem of traffic jam is becoming acute in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. The arrangements to stop this are inadequate. Illegal parking on the roads is causing jams, but officials claim to be unaware of the problem. In fact, due to vehicles parked on the road from Darulshafa to Lalbagh, there is a traffic jam throughout the day.

At Mayfair Tiraha and Hazratganj intersection, some distance away from here, the traffic police immediately takes strict action against the vehicles parked in no-parking, but no action is taken on Darulshafa Road. In such a situation, vehicles remained parked illegally on the road. Meanwhile, DCP Traffic told the media that he has no information about any violation of traffic rules taking place on Darulshafa road.

There is also a police post of Hazratganj police station just next to Darulshafa Road. Policemen are present at the post. People park their cars haphazardly in front of them and go away. After this, even when there is a traffic jam, the policemen do not take action. When asked about this, DCP Central Raveena Tyagi said that action will be taken against vehicles parked haphazardly after planning.

illegal parking on the road

Janpath Market is right in front of Darulshafa Gate No. 1 and 2. Illegal parking is taking place on the 10 meter footpath adjacent to the market gate boundary. Some people have made illegal car parking stands here. Here parking fee of Rs 30 is being charged per four hours. Now parking has started from the footpath down to the road. Due to this, people going from Darulshafa to Hazratganj have to face traffic jams.

Tempo-e Rickshaw Stand near the gate

A tempo and e-rickshaw stand is also running right next to the Darulshafa gate, although the Municipal Corporation has not given permission for it. Passengers for Kaiserbagh and Chowk are being boarded from here.
Administration does not keep an eye on illegal parking on the roadside in Darulshafa
The administration does not pay attention to illegal parking on the roadside in Darulshafa (Photo: Sandeep Rastogi)

Repair of vehicles running on the road

There are more than 22 repair shops on both sides. Due to repair of vehicles on the road, traffic continued on half the road. A large number of handcarts are also being set up from Darul Shafa to the Municipal Corporation Headquarters. Due to these carts, six to 10 meters of the road is occupied. There are four to five shops of Chole-Bhatura on the Darul Shafa to Lalbagh route. Employees of these shops serve food in vehicles parked on the road.

Difficulty in going to Bhopal House and MLA residence

MLA residence is right in front of Bhopal House and Sharma Tea Stall from Darulshafa Road.  It takes five to eight minutes to reach Hazratganj intersection instead of two minutes.


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