SP, Congress will be a flop says Brajesh Pathak

Brajesh Pathak

Lucknow: Brajesh Pathak, who came into the mainstream from student politics, is currently the Deputy Chief Minister in the UP government. He is busy campaigning day and night to form the Modi government for the third time. He believes that the opposition is only playing a negative role. That is why the alliance of SP and Congress will once again prove to be a super flop.

He said that two phases of elections have been held in UP. The Bharatiya Janata Party is going to win 16 seats one-sidedly. The opposition has nothing on the ground. That is why these people could not hold a joint meeting in the first phase of elections. There is a reason for this. The opposition alliance knows that the general public has rejected them. These people have fulfilled the formality by holding a press conference at one place. They also know that the BJP alliance will be ahead in all the phases of UP. The alliance of Congress and SP is proving to be a super flop.

On the decline in the vote percentage in the first and second phases, Brajesh Pathak said that BJP and our supporting workers are taking Modi ji’s achievements to the masses. On the other hand, the Indy alliance is nowhere to be seen among the people. In these phases, BJP supporting voters have shown interest. On the other hand, the opposition alliance has accepted its defeat and has also stopped trying to woo voters. Nobody is making any effort.

On the issue of caste displeasure in western UP, Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak said that such things keep coming up in every election and democracy. All the society has faith in Modi ji. It is with the BJP.

On the question of SP chief Akhilesh Yadav that BJP has only made rhetoric in 10 years, Pathak said that Akhilesh is completely confused. He has no policy, no agenda, whereas the BJP’s Modi government has done a lot of work. In the first and second phase, there was talk of development, but now on the question of polarization, he said that the things that the Indy alliance has mentioned in its manifesto have to be explained to the public. They are talking about seizing the property of the public and conducting investigations.

Claiming victory in Amethi and Rae Bareli, the Deputy Chief Minister said that he has already won Amethi in 2019. Smriti Irani is contesting strongly there. Congress has not yet made its stand clear on these places, but this time we will win Rae Bareli as well as Amethi.



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