South Korea set to play the big AI Gamble

Seoul: South Korea will spend 710.2 billion won to bring artificial intelligence into people’s lives. The Science Ministry gave this information. According to the Science Ministry, the government panel constituted for AI strategy held its first meeting on the issue, in which 69 AI projects were approved.

About 75.5 billion won will be spent on 18 programs to improve people’s lives, 288.1 billion won are allocated for 24 workplace-related projects and 115.7 billion won are allocated for 14 public administration works.

Additionally, 230.0 billion won has been allocated separately for AI education, Yonhap news agency reported.

The ministry said the government wants to leverage AI in public services, including delivery of information and communication aids to persons with disabilities, provision of health care services and support for visually impaired families.

The government also aims to deploy AI in various industries by developing specialized AI services for fields such as law, medicine and psychological counselling.

In the public sector, AI technologies will strengthen disaster response capabilities for scenarios such as fires, floods and infectious disease outbreaks, the ministry said.


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