SJVN partners with IIT Patna to improve Tunneling Performance

Patna: SJVN Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Institute of Technology Patna (IIT Patna) to use advanced geological models in SJVN’s tunnelling projects, thus significantly reducing time and cost overruns.

One of the key outcomes of this partnership will be the development of predictive analytics algorithms. These algorithms, leveraging integrated geotechnical data, will forecast potential risks and provide early warning systems specifically tailored for tunnelling projects. Such proactive measures are expected to substantially mitigate time and cost overruns during project execution.

Chairperson & Managing Director, SJVN, Smt. Geeta Kapur said that the primary focus of the MoU is to develop cutting-edge methodologies which integrate diverse geotechnical data sources. These would include geological surveys, borehole data, geophysical measurements and monitoring data from projects of SJVN.

The collaboration also aims to evaluate the intricate relationship between overburden and deformation, thereby enhancing the evaluation and design of support systems crucial for tunnelling projects. By harnessing integrated geotechnical data and 3D geological models, SJVN and IIT Patna aim to identify and analyze potential risks and hazards.

The MoU has been signed in the presence of Director (Finance), SJVN,  A.K Singh and Director, IIT Patna  T.N Singh in New Delhi on April 2, 2024. CGM (Civil),  R.K Gupta; GM (Finance),  Jitender Yadav; GM (Civil),  Hemant Kumar Shaklya; and GM (Geology),  Akshay Acharya from SJVN, and Professor A. K. Verma from IIT Patna were also present on the occasion of the signing ceremony.

SJVN and IIT Patna are committed to driving sustainable development and technological excellence through this strategic partnership


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