Shooting something very special in Lucknow – Ashish Gokhale

Lucknow: Ashish Gokhale has a long repertoire of films including that of Shaitaan and Indian Police Force. He has also played a lead role in the COVID times. He is currently shooting his next in Lucknow. Speaking to The Lucknow Tribune, he said that theater refined the actor in him.

Tell us little about your journey?

I was exposed to stage at a very young age of 11. At that age I played a double role which were completely contrasting characters that of a Saint and one of a Dacoit. While performing I realised that I wasn’t ‘Ashish Gokhale’ anymore and I had become those characters. The epiphany struck right there that this is what I would love doing for the rest of my existence. Though I was an adolescent but the dream to become an actor took root at that very moment. The fact that I could live through so many characters is what inspired me. The town I grew up in had no access to a cinema theatre. Whatever little access to movies I had was through television and Doordarshan in those days. It was theatre that brought out and refined the actor within me

What was your experience like working for films like Shaitaan and Indian Police Force?

Experience was amazing, I’m blessed that I got to work in 2 big projects, with Big directors & starcast

From doctor to actor what made you take that switch seriously?
passion of acting, playing who is not real Me and exploring myself

You have been a real life COVID warrior s doctor, are there memories of those times that still come to mind? –

Yes, that time was very scary & challenging for Us as a doctor, but honestly I was quite confident & I was sure I will protect & cure all my patients like an army soldiers protect our country very confidently

When you compare TV and silverscreen, which is a more challenging stint? How? –

TV is more challenging because you get hardly time to prepare & scenes are more, you can’t do more retakes in TV

What sort of cinema do you prefer? Are you particular about scripts? –

all types of cinema, not really

In cinema both India and west, who are your role models? – Ajay Devgn Sir, Amitabh Bachchan Sir, SRK, Ashok Saraf Sir, Laxmikant Berde Sir, Vikram Gokhale Sir, Nana Patekar Sir, Dilip Prabhavalkar Sir, Christian Bale, Jered Letto, Christopher Waltz, Tom Hanks etc etc

In Film Direction anyone you want to do a collaboration with

– I would love to do films under direction of Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali sir, Rajkumar Hirani Sir, Kabir Khan Sir, Karan Johar Sir, I did webseries with Rohit Shetty sir, but I want to do film with Him, Imtiyaz Ali Sir, Neeraj Pandey Sir, Abhishek Pathak Sir, Luv Ranjan Sir

How was it working in Bholaa alongside Ajay Devgan? Any guru mantra from the man himself? –

watching him acting live is the biggest education/guru Mantra

Do you think preparing as an actor helps one enter Bollywood easily?

Not exactly but if your dream is to come to Mumbai to become an actor then you should take basic training of an acting, it can be theatre acting training or any

Do you have a Lucknow connection what is that?

Yes, as I’m a doctor, I’ve couple of close college friends here, they are practicing doctor in the Lucknow

Give 5 tips for aspiring actors?

The only advice I would like to give to all the youngsters- please take your education seriously and make sure you have your basic education in place before you choose to come to Mumbai. Having a degree always helps. Yes we all have dreams but to sustain those dreams, you have to have the courage to work hard and keep your dreams alive.
Get the basic training in acting. Do theatre, learn to emote well. If your basics are taken care of then sky is the limit for you.

Your next big plans as an actor?

Currently I am in Lucknow shooting for something really special. I am in final rounds of discussions for another project but unfortunately I can’t reveal much details now. It may be a theatrical or an OTT release. There are a few more projects which are in the pipeline towards the second half of the year


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