SBI Life Insurance & Lucknow Traffic Police highlight  ‘protection’


Lucknow: An awareness drive was undertaken to emphasise on the role of ‘protection as an enabler’ among the larger populace of Lucknow. SBI Life Insurance, one of the most trusted private life insurers in the country, & Lucknow Traffic Police conducted a public awareness drive to highlight the importance of ‘protection’ and increase helmet adoption in Lucknow city.

The awareness drive undertaken at 1090 Chauraha, aimed at sensitizing the local residents to prioritize ‘protection by promoting the importance of consistent use of safety head gears while riding two wheelers. The drive also emphasized the importance of helmets for pillion riders for safeguarding their well being, as they are often most vulnerable passengers – the children.

The public awareness drive was inaugurated by  Kamlesh Dixit, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mahila Apraadh & Suraksha, Lucknow along with  Amit Jhingran, MD & CEO, SBI Life Insurance; in presence of  Indra Pal Singh, ACP, Lucknow,  M. Anand, Chief Distribution Officer, SBI Life Insurance,  Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication and CSR, SBI Life Insurance and other esteemed dignitaries of Lucknow Traffic Police & SBI Life Insurance.

The representatives of the Lucknow Traffic Police directly engaged with the local public who were observed riding without helmets. They enlightened these individuals about the paramount significance of head protection gear which not only safeguards their personal well being but also that of their loved ones. The officials along with SBI Life’s team also distributed free helmets to motorist and pillion riders, impressing upon ‘protection as an enabler’ for individuals to pursue their dreams fearlessly, thus encouraging a behavioural change to make ‘protection’ a priority.

Kamlesh Dixit, DCP, Mahila Apraadh & Suraksha, Lucknow said, “Lucknow Traffic Police and SBI Life have come together to host this public awareness drive to educate & encourage the local residents of the city to make protection their priority while riding motor-cycles. As protective headgears make sure the rider is protected against any uncertainty likewise it is important to use helmets which are ISI marked. We feel such initiatives help keep the locals aware of the important role played by protective gears in safeguarding the rider as well as the pillion.

Speaking at the public awareness drive,  Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication & CSR, SBI Life Insurance said, “Indians rely heavily on two- wheelers for their daily commute, in-fact the two-wheeler is symbolic of family’s aspirations. Often the chief wage earner is the one riding the two-wheeler, making it imperative for them to adopt a ‘responsible behaviour’ by placing emphasises on their own ‘protection’, not only for themselves but also for their loved ones. To reiterate the importance of protective gears, SBI Life along with Lucknow Traffic Police undertook a public awareness drive with an aim to bring a behavioural change among the locals and encourage them to responsibly pursue their ambitions and that of their loved ones.” He further added, “At SBI Life, we aim to foster a mindset that balances this ambitious spirit with a sense of responsibility, prioritizing safety alongside the pursuit for dreams. Our endeavour is to ignite a cultural revolution where protection becomes a priority, seamlessly intertwining ambition with a steadfast commitment to personal safety and the well-being of loved ones.”

According to data by Uttar Pradesh Transport Department, UP witnessed a surge in the number of road accidents by 6.59% in 2023 as compared to the previous year. A total of 36, 476 cases were registered till the end of October. Additionally, the state also witnessed a surge of 4% and as many as 19,290 people lost their lives. As per the data records of National Crime Records Bureau, Lucknow amongst seven UP cities has had some of the most fatal road accidents with 643 deaths and 994 injuries in 1408 incidents recorded.

The public awareness drive is one of the multiple initiatives undertaken by SBI Life to raise awareness about the pivotal role of ‘protection’ in enabling individuals to fearlessly pursue their aspirations. Complementing this effort, the company recently installed an eye-catching, larger-than-life helmet at the entrance of Ekana Stadium, in partnership with the Lucknow Super Giants franchise. This visually striking display aimed to capture the attention of cricket enthusiasts and promote the importance of prioritizing safety in all aspects of life.


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