Savouring a banana is no monkey business

Lucknow: It seems that if you eat banana every day then your energy level can increase. But if you are an athlete then you can also consume banana as a snack. A lot of iron is found in banana. Banana is rich in iron. By eating banana daily, anemia goes away very quickly. Magnesium and potassium are found in large quantities in banana, which is known to relax the muscles. If you eat it throughout the day, it is possible that you may start feeling sleepy.

Controls diabetes

Banana is beneficial for diabetic patients because it contains many bioactive compounds including fiber, starch, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants that maintain sugar levels and fight type 2 diabetes.

Make immunity strong

Banana makes the body strong, it strengthens the immunity. Vitamin C is found in banana which is helpful in strengthening immunity.

Keep bones strong

Banana makes bones strong. The magnesium and calcium present in it can help in strengthening bones. Consuming banana and milk daily can help in strengthening weak bones.

Helpful in weight loss

Banana contains fiber and vitamins which are helpful in weight loss. The properties found in it help in weight loss. Banana has relatively low calories so it is filling and you do not feel hungry for long.

Beneficial for kidneys

Banana contains potassium which is very important for healthy kidney function and blood pressure. Potassium may be especially beneficial for keeping your kidneys healthy


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