Rural women need mental peace the most

Lucknow: As India celebrates Mother’s Day, it is crucial to shed light on the often-overlooked aspect of maternal well-being: mental health. In rural India, where women are caregivers, farmers, and pillars of their communities, the challenges extend far beyond physical hardships. Mental health issues among among rural women is a burning problem. These issues arise due to various socio-economic and cultural factors pertinent to rural living.

Life can be very challenging for rural women which can include issues like gender disparities and economic marginalization. Limited access to education and employment opportunities perpetuates disadvantaged status, leading to various mental health issues. Exposed to IPV rural women often face the problem of  common mental disorders (CMDs) among rural women. Depression, anxiety, and substance abuse is notably higher among those who experience IPV.

From metal issues to perinatal disorders and substance abuse. The stigma associated with seeking help and the limited access to mental healthcare services compounds the challenges they face. Among the many barriers includes a lack of women-friendly facilities, a shortage of trained professionals, stigmas and taboos, poor awareness, transportation constraints, and financial constraints. Factors such as older age, widowhood, poverty, and exposure to armed conflict increase rural women’s vulnerability to mental health issues. By raising awareness, creating supportive environments, and advocating for inclusive mental healthcare policies, let us empower rural women.


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