Professor Ram Gopal is neither Ram’s nor Gopal’s: A.K. Sharma

Lucknow: State Government’s Urban Development and Energy Minister A.K. Sharma hit back at SP General Secretary Prof. Ram Gopal Yadav’s baseless  statement on Ram Mandir and said that Ram Gopal ji is a professor, I respect him a lot, but whatever he said about Lord Shri Ram Mandir proves this. That he neither belongs to Ram nor to Gopal.

He neither did any work for Ram temple nor did any work for Gopal’s cows. He is an advisor to SP President Akhilesh  and also an uncle of his family. That family has ruled Uttar Pradesh four times. He has been the Chief Minister, but if there was no faith in Ram temple, even a single brick would have been placed in the Gopal temple of Mathura. That’s why he neither worked for Ram nor for Gopal.

He said that with such grandeur, divinity and mythology, Shri Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha has been consecrated. It was accomplished with the leadership, presence of the Prime Minister and the blessings of sages and saints, which not only the country but the whole world witnessed.

The whole world appreciated this work. But the people of this family did not like this act of glory of the country. It is not understood who gave them the right to raise questions on this historical work of our Sanatan Dharma. People of the entire country must consider their intentions.

He said that when the threshold of Ram temple would have been trampled under the feet of the Mughals, their horses would have trampled Ayodhya, the people of Ayodhya and the residents of that area would have been subjected to severe torture, then the architecture there would have become good, then the geography there would have become better.

And the map would also have been better. The Saifai family are people with absolutely Sultani and Mughlai thinking and understanding, it is not appropriate to pay attention to their words.

The Sanatani and religion loving people of India are understanding all these tricks. These are neither going to be Ram’s nor Gopal’s. Not only this, he was not going to be of Ram devotees as well as the general public, he was only of his family, and will remain of the family only. They cannot even dream of good for the country and the state outside their family.


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