Tom Moody

Mumbai: Speaking exclusively to Star Sports Cricket Live, former Australia cricketer Tom Moody shared his thoughts on Virat Kohli’s fielding performance last night,“Virat Kohli’s effort was truly extraordinary. Running in from the deep, throwing himself to the ground, and managing to make the throw from that position is no easy feat. That’s something we’ve definitely taken into consideration. He’s not just a fielder; he’s also contributed with the bat, scoring 92 runs and spending considerable time out in the middle. Despite the physical exertion, he’s always running around in the field like no one else. In the middle of the innings of that second innings he still managed to display the focus, enthusiasm, fitness, and agility required to execute a run-out like that. It’s quite remarkable, especially considering he’s not the same as the vintage Virat Kohli, but he’s also not 21 anymore; he’s 30. So, that’s brilliant what he’s done there.”

Speaking exclusively on Star Sports Cricket Live, former Australia cricketer Tom Moody analysed Virat Kohli’s performance last night. “From what we took from his post match interview, you can see how has learnt how to manage how he prepares for a competition now. He knows he can’t hit as many balls and train as hard as he used to, but he’s still training alright. He’s still training on how to improve on his performances. We talk about the sweep slog, how he’s brought that back out against spin, and hasn’t that been a really effective weapon for him in those middle overs. And when the opposition tries to bring spin in the powerplay, he brings that out and puts them under immediate pressure and that puts them under another area of scoring from the backfoot. So this is some really good insight on how this genius operates. The way he batted tonight, you’d pay the big bucks to watch him every day of the week and it’s great to see him in this type of form. Is it too late for RCB? Well they still have to keep playing this brand of cricket.”

Speaking exclusively to Star Sports Cricket Live former India cricketer Varun Aaron spoke on CSK’s chances of making the playoffs against their match against Gujarat Titans.”I think I’d back CSK, because they find a way to win when they really need to. GT have had a lot of their main players not firing, David Miller has not been in form this season, Rashid Khan their most important spinner, most important bowler I’d say with the absence of Mohammed Shami, is not firing this season, so there’s a big hole there where they haven’t been able to plug up. So I will back CSK to win as they find a way to win in these important games.”


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