All business organizations  on one platform support Rajnath Singh

Lucknow: A preparation meeting for the Traders Conference program was organized at the Halwasiya Court Lok Sabha Elections Central Office in Lucknow Hazratganj, which was presided over by Lucknow Metropolitan President Anand Dwivedi.

Lucknow Metropolitan President Anand Dwivedi said that on May 13, a large-scale business conference will be organized in support of the Defense Minister of the Government of India and Lucknow MP Rajnath Singh, in which all the trade boards and organizations of Lucknow Metropolitan will be included.

Bharatiya Janata Party always stands shoulder to shoulder with the interest of the businessman. Lucknow MP Rajnath Singh always works for the interests of businessmen. The business class works to solve whatever problems they come up with.

The business community is requested to take the development works of Lucknow to the masses and appeal to the regional public to vote in favor of BJP so that on May 20, a large number of people come out of their homes and meet Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. Help register a historic victory by voting for.

In the meeting, BJP Lok Sabha Coordinator Abhishek Khare, Ajay Tripathi Munna, business leader All India Industry Trade Board National President Sandeep Bansal, Adarsh Vyapar Mandal President Sanjay Gupta, City Industry Trade Board President Amarnath Aggarwal, Rice and Mills Association President Bharat Bhushan Gupta, Lucknow Business Divisional Treasurer Ravindra Gupta Muralidhar Ahuja, Vinod Aggarwal, Ravindra Gupta, Anil Verma, Pradeep Mishra, Sachin Kanchan, Priyank Gupta, Anand Gulati, Pradeep Mishra, Manish Gupta, Vijay Sharma, Manish Singh, Timber Organization Mohnis Trivedi, Naka Trade Coordinator Meet. A large number of business officials were present.


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