Prof Archana Shukla now Director – in – charge IIM – Lucknow

Prof Archana Shukla

Lucknow: In a new development coming out of IIM Lucknow, the institution has on April 2 reappointed Prof Archana Shukla as Director-in-charge of IIM Lucknow. Prof Archana Shukla will continue to serve in this capacity till a regular Director is appointed.

In terms of hierarchy, Prof. Shukla is the senior most Professor at IIM Lucknow. She has been appointed as per Clause (9) of IIM Act 2017. The decision has been taken by Chairperson of IIM Lucknow Board of Governors, N. Chandrasekaran.

Prof Shukla, specialises in Human Resource Management at IIML. Her collective body of work is about three decades of teaching and research expertise. She graduated from IIT Kanpur with a PhD in Psychology. She has donned the role of  inaugural chairperson of the Dr Ishwar Dayal Chair for Futuristic Issues in the Behavioral Sciences from 2015 to 2017. She has also authored a number of books and papers. On varied managerial subjects. Established in 1984, IIM Lucknow was the fourth IIM to be established in the country.


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