PM Narendra Modi feels absence of mother

Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi filed his nomination from Varanasi parliamentary seat for the third time on Tuesday. During this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and his four proposers were also present with him. After filing nomination, Prime Minister Modi paid emotional tribute to his mother Hiraba.

Actually, a video has been shared on the social media platform X with the handle, in which some old memories related to PM Modi and his mother Hiraba have been shown.

PM Modi used to take blessings of Mother Hiraba before filing his nomination in every election. But, Hiraba died on 30 December 2023. In such a situation, this time PM Modi is feeling the absence of mother Hiraba before filing his nomination. This video proves this.

In the video, PM Modi’s close relationship with his mother Hiraba has been narrated. In this, a part of the interview given by PM Modi in Facebook Townhall is also visible, when he becomes emotional remembering the old words of his mother. PM Modi had told in this interview that his father had died. Mother Hiraba is more than 90 years old and she does all her work herself.

It can be heard in the video, “You and I are tied by a thread of a blessing. Just like a thread keeps a traveler in the vast space tied to his spacecraft and does not let him get lost, the same thread is your blessing for me. Like your blessings, the huge shadow of your values has always been over my head, sometimes as my protector and sometimes as my guide.

In this video, PM Modi’s mother Hiraba is also telling about old stories related to him. Mother Hiraba had told that when Narendra Modi was five years old, when he was playing Gilli Danda, I was sitting in front. So, I called him, I said you have to serve the country in your life.”

The voice in the video further says, “You taught me to serve the country. We did not have money. But, you served the people wholeheartedly every morning. You fed them and treated them. You taught me how to serve the poor mothers.” And taught us to serve our sisters.”

Apart from this, it is shown in the video that when his mother Hiraba came to know that Narendra Modi has become the Chief Minister of Gujarat, she became emotional. Hiraba could only say this to Narendra Modi, “Son, I don’t know what work you do.” But, never take bribe in life.” This is from October 2001, when Narendra Modi became the CM of Gujarat for the first time.

It was further told that during his 10-year tenure, PM Modi has made 100 percent efforts to stop corruption, promote digitalization and ensure that every rupee withdrawn from the government’s account reaches the account of the poor.

In the end, it can be heard that today you are no more among us, yet the values given by you are spread over my mind and brain like your two hands, which give me strength and education.


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