12th Annual Mango Festival: A Celebration of Taste

Lucknow: Get ready to experience the juicy taste of mangoes and the vibrant culture of Awadh. Welcome to the 12th Annual Mango Festival organised by Lucknow Farmers Market. Every year, over 100 enthusiastic entrepreneurs and students come together to organise this festival that celebrates everything mango stands for.

Held throughout the month of June, the Mango Festival will feature a number of special events that showcase the rich heritage and immortal legacy of Awadh. The highlights of this year include special farm visits on Sunday, June 9 at Madhav Udyan, Village Mall and Sunday, June 23 at Vintage Village, Sitapur. Lucknow Farmers Market offers visitors the unique opportunity to buy mangoes directly from farmers, allowing them to enjoy the freshest produce and support local agriculture.

Started in June 2013 by Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah, CEO, Lucknow Farmers Market, the festival has grown into a grand celebration attracting people to enjoy the golden sweetness of local mangoes. It aims to promote agribusiness, support farmers and stimulate the local economy through culinary and eco-tourism.

The festival brings alive everything mango stands for through various cultural activities. Visitors can enjoy handicraft exhibitions, musical performances, food tastings, Lucknow’s famous dastangoi, poetry, shayari and environmental activities. A green initiative of the festival is the Guthli Club, which was started more than a decade ago, and every year raises mango saplings from seeds for planting in local villages.

Apart from the culinary experience, the festival serves as a launchpad for innovative mango-based products. Over the past 12 years, nearly 45 new products have been introduced, including mango-based skincare, food items, raw mango dishwash powder, recycled products, and mango-inspired art. This year promises even more exciting launches, showcasing the versatility and possibilities of this beloved fruit.

In addition, the Festival has launched an app for farmers, which facilitates direct sales to consumers. This initiative not only benefits farmers by eliminating the need for long preservation times, but also ensures fresh mangoes to consumers.

Join  the 12th Annual Mango Festival and taste authentic mango specialties prepared by locals, support the rural economy, and participate in a vibrant celebration of culture and community.  Taste the freshness, celebrate the culture, and support local farmers!


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