NOTA voting makes a unique record in Devbhoomi


Dehradun: There are 52 thousand such voters in the state who did not like any of the 55 candidates or independent candidates. They expressed their dislike by pressing the NOTA button in the EVM. This time 52,630 voters across the state used NOTA i.e. None of the Above.

Almora had the highest number of voters pressing the NOTA button i.e. 16,697 in Almora. 11,224 in Garhwal, 10,425 in Nainital, 7458 in Tehri and 6826 in Haridwar used NOTA. The special thing is that NOTA votes were cast not only in EVMs but also in postal ballots.

163 in Haridwar’s postal ballots, 198 in Nainital’s postal ballots, 154 in Tehri’s postal ballots have voted for NOTA. A large number of voters have used NOTA in Garhwal and Almora as well. Garhwal and Almora are the seats where the highest percentage of voters do not like any candidate. 2.56 percent voters in Almora and 1.57 percent in Garhwal have pressed NOTA.

NOTA voters are at third place in many seats

Among the seven candidates in Almora, NOTA votes are at third place after BJP-Congress. The rest of the candidates have been able to get less votes than NOTA. In Garhwal Lok Sabha also, NOTA votes are at third place after BJP-Congress. There were 14 candidates in Haridwar but NOTA was at fifth place here. In Nainital, NOTA votes were at fourth place. In Tehri Lok Sabha also, NOTA was at fifth place.


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