Neena Gupta shows her dedication

Neena Gupta

Mumbai: The third season of Amazon Prime’s web series ‘Panchayat’ is going to be released soon. The cast of the series is busy promoting it. During the promotion, the cast is sharing many things about the shoot.

In a special conversation with Mirchi Plus, Neena Gupta said that I am most happy when I work. If the work is good, then at that time I do not worry. When we shot Panchayat Season 3, we shot in extreme heat due to people’s date issues. During the shoot, we used to keep a wet cloth on our faces and neck.

Neena Gupta said during the shoot, ‘In one shot, I was standing under the scorching sun, and the director said ‘sound, action’, so the umbrellas were removed, but it was taking some time to get the shot ready and I was burning in the sun. But I realized, and this is very important in life, you cannot run away from it, you have to give this shot.


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