Musical Maestros dressed to kill

Mumbai: India’s music scene is known not only for its diversity in sound but also for the impeccable style of its musicians. Here are some of the best dressed musicians in India:

  1. Shreya Ghoshal – Renowned for her elegant and traditional fashion choices, Shreya Ghoshal often graces events in stunning sarees and classic ethnic wear that highlight her graceful persona.
  2. Sonu Nigam – Sonu Nigam is known for his versatile wardrobe that ranges from chic casual wear to sophisticated formal attire, often seen at high-profile events in well-tailored suits and trendy outfits​ (Bscholarly)​.
  3. Armaan Malik – This young heartthrob is celebrated for his contemporary and stylish wardrobe, which includes a mix of casual chic and dapper formal wear. He often experiments with bold colors and unique styles, making him a fashion icon for the youth.
  4. Anoushka Shankar – The internationally acclaimed sitarist is not only celebrated for her musical prowess but also for her sophisticated fashion sense. She often wears exquisite sarees and elegant dresses that reflect her refined taste. At the ELLE List Awards 2023, she wore a stunning white ensemble by Anamika Khanna​ (Elle India)​.
  5. Shankar Mahadevan – A fusion maestro known for his dynamic stage presence, Shankar Mahadevan’s wardrobe is a blend of traditional and modern styles. He often sports designer kurtas and suits that perfectly complement his versatile musical style​ (Rolling Stone India)​.
  6. Shruti Haasan – Known for her edgy and gothic fashion sense, Shruti Haasan frequently wears bold outfits that make a statement. At the ELLE List Awards, she donned a striking black off-shoulder dress by Raw Mango, showcasing her daring fashion choices​ (Elle India)​.
  7. Zakir Hussain – The legendary tabla player is often seen in stylish kurtas and sherwanis that reflect his deep-rooted connection to Indian culture while maintaining a modern edge. His stage outfits are as captivating as his performances.

These musicians not only lead with their musical talent but also set trends with their impeccable style, making them icons both in the world of music and fashion.


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