Medicinal knowledge of Uttar Pradesh is invaluable – Guv

Raj Bhavan

Lucknow: A joint seminar of allopathic and Ayurvedic doctors on the medicinal importance of Ayurvedic medicine Swarnaprashan was held  at Raj Bhavan under the chairmanship of the Governor of the state  Anandiben Patel. On this occasion, the Governor called the discussions held in the seminar as an ‘eye opener’. She said that the medicinal knowledge of Uttar Pradesh is invaluable. Uttar Pradesh should come forward to lead the country in the standard production of Ayurvedic medicines.

The Governor, looking at the case studies on the use and effect of Swarnaprashan medicine in the presentation given by Ayurvedic and allopathic doctors in the seminar, said that effective work has been done in this. She said that the Chief Minister of the state also considers Ayurvedic medicines and its traditional knowledge important.

Work should be taken forward in the state in this direction. She said that research should be done in universities for drug production. Make a list of different research works and universities should be associated with them. No single university or department can do this work. All medical departments and universities should be associated with it. Work should be started soon by preparing a framework of work and research topics.

In the seminar held  at Raj Bhawan, Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Abhay Narayan Tiwari presented the health-enhancing effects of Ayurvedic medicine ‘Swarnaprashan’ and the valuable health-related knowledge of Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine in front of the Governor and stressed the need to promote and propagate it at the international level.

While observing the presentation, Dr. Sonia Nityanand, Vice Chancellor, KGMU said that ‘Swarnaprashan’ is definitely an effective medicine of Ayurveda, but before its universal use, it is also necessary to determine the standard and quantity and to know its side effects. She discussed adequate research on this and the rules of international determination of the medicine.

In the seminar, Dr. Vikas Agarwal, Professor, Department of Clinical Immunology, SGPGI, told about the positive effects of research done on the blood of malnourished children with ‘Swarnaprashan’. She told that due to this, the amount of disease-fighting protein in the blood of children increases manifold. Dr. Gaurav Pandey, SGPGI. She said that gold therapy has been found to be very beneficial in hepatic Parkinson’s. He shared studies done on 11 patients and told that its use has increased the ability to fight infection in liver cirrhosis.

In the seminar, Prof. M.L.B. Bhatt, Vice Chancellor H.N.B. Medical University Dehradun, Dr. Sanjeev Mishra Vice Chancellor Atal Bihari Bajpai, Dr. C.M. Singh Director R.M.L., Prof. Shalin Kumar S.G.P.G.I., Dr. P.C. Saxena Director Ayurveda Services UP also expressed their views.

On this occasion, Principal Secretary Medical Health  Parth Sarathi Sen Sharma and Principal Secretary Health AYUSH  Leena Johri gave information on drug control and upcoming research on medicines, fund arrangement etc. Additional Chief Secretary,  Governor, Dr. Sudhir Mahadev Bobde, Special Officer Education Dr. Pankaj L. Johny and other officers were present in the seminar.


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