Lucknow’s Holi Bazaars deck up with plethora of options

Lucknow: The capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is completely ready to immerse itself in the excitement of the festival of colors, Holi. Colorful Gulal and Pichkari shops have been set up at various places, while different varieties of dry fruits, sweets and chips are attracting people of all age groups.

In all the markets of the capital as well as the makeshift shops,  colors and sprinklers have been decorated and are already going off the shelves like hotcakes. Seeing the colorful Abir-Gulal and colors, not only the children but also the elderly people are getting excited about Holi. On Holi, children’s first choice is Pichkari, masks and caps. To attract children, the markets have been decorated with many types of designer Pichkaris and other colorful items. Along with this, people have started seeing crowd at the shops of Namkeen, Papad and Gujhiya.

Chips and papads of various flavors and designs are available in the market, which are attracting people. In the bullion market, there is a buzz of silver in the shops of jewellers, while the shops of clothes and dry fruits have also become active with a sea of buyers. This time, indigenous Pichkaris of foreign cartoon characters are more visible in the Holi market. Instead of Pichkaris made in China, the markets are filled with indigenous Pichkaris. Vinay Kumar, a Pichkari seller who has been running a Pichkari shop at the Mithai Chauraha of Gomti Nagar for the last 20 years, says that Pichkari are available in the market ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 3,000.


Children are very fond of brightly colored cartoon themed pichkaris, gulal gun, bubble gun, electric gun pichkaris. The water cannon which releases colors and plays music is also being liked a lot by the customers.

There is also a lot of demand for traditional Pichkaris. Another Pichkari seller, Anil Kumar, said that Gulaal  filled  crackers are also being sold in the Holi market. When these firecrackers with Gulal gun and round box burst, Gulal will fly out from inside and color the air. The price of one cracker is Rs 150-200.

Demand for Modi water tank and Yogi masks has increased

Before the Corona period, China was dominating the Holi market, but now the market is not occupied by foreign made Chinese but indigenously made Pichkaris with attractive colors and designs. Children are very fond of cartoon based water bottles. It features Spiderman, Batman and other cartoon characters. Their price ranges from Rs 170 to Rs 300. There is a huge demand for PM Modi’s masks and water bottles in the market.

On one side there is celebration of Holi and on the other side there is election campaign. No one else’s mask can be seen in the markets, but the market is filled with masks of PM Modi and CM Yogi. According to color sellers, there is a lot of demand for them. Similarly, saffron gulal is also in great demand.

Special T-shirt for dancing on Holi

There was a time when people used to play Holi by finding old Holi clothes and wearing them, but now a special type of white t-shirt is available in the market to celebrate Holi. Now you do not need to worry about which clothes to play Holi in, nor do you need to search for old clothes in the house. On one hand, there is a market for new clothes to wear in the evening after playing colors, while on the other hand, there is a market for clothes to be worn while playing colors.

For this, white t-shirts with “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai” or “Holi Hai” written on them are available in the market at affordable rates. If you do not wear a t-shirt, you can also get a colorful kurta for Rs 100-120. Apart from this, special caps and different types of masks are also available in the market.

Aminabad market of Lucknow is known as the largest market of Uttar Pradesh. Nowadays, this Aminabad market has become more vibrant due to Holi festival shopping. In the evening, a huge crowd of people is gathering at the shops of Holi t-shirts, sarees, household items, slippers, shoes, decorative items, spicy chaat, kulfi, bags, children’s items, leather goods, glass items and utensils. Kaleem, a shopkeeper selling glass items, said that Holi is a big festival in which women come to the market in large numbers for shopping.

Women like the market of Aminabad very much. Here the material is available at low prices and the desired and beautiful material is also available. He sells glass items. The sales of glass glasses, cups and plates have increased at his shop. The reason for which is Holi shopping. Hanif, who sells women’s clothes in Aminabad market, said that his sales increase as soon as Holi arrives. He sells women’s clothes in every month of the year. Sales double during the festive season. There is a demand for colorful, attractive, good clothes for women in the market, for which we also come to the market with the same variety.

Goswami, who sells pickles by roaming around in Aminabad on a bicycle, said that there are many shops selling goods in the Aminabad market, so he thought it best to earn his living by selling pickles here. He has been selling pickles for the last seven years. Women who come to the market for shopping have special interest in buying pickles. Pickles are sold in abundance during the Holi season. Regarding the shopkeeper selling papad, Goswami said that at present the sale of papad is also

The price of papad is being sold at Rs 200 per kg, among pickles, chilli pickle is being sold at the rate of Rs 350 per kg, mango pickle is being sold at Rs 200 per kg, garlic pickle is being sold at the rate of Rs 240 per kg. Due to the excitement of Holi in Aminabad market, the faces of small and big shopkeepers selling chaat, kulfi, gram, chickpea bun, pakoda and juice have also brightened up. Shopkeepers selling food items are getting financial benefits by having light breakfast with the family after shopping in the market. This time in Holi, demand for herbal gulal is being seen during the festival.


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