Lucknow Farmers Market envisions Greener World

Lucknow: A Green Sunday under the aegis of Lucknow Farmers Market attracted Lucknowites with pomp and show at the Habibullah Estate in Hazratganj.

“With environmental concerns and health issues on the rise, Lucknow Farmers Market is proud to promote a green lifestyle every month,” said Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah, CEO, LFM.

With recent warnings of pesticides in packaged spices and the rise in cancer and terminal diseases, we are in desperate need of rethinking our food sources. Supporting local growers and farmers ensures fresher, safer products that are even better for healthy communities.

The Lucknow Farmers Market offered a variety of natural makeup, cosmetics, skincare, handloom textiles, and eco-friendly home goods. By choosing these options, consumers not only prioritize their health but also contribute to the preservation of our planet.

Startups and entrepreneurs also launched their products at the event with the stupendous success of Yellow House by Delicious Fruity Natural Jam with complete nutritional value and a healthy supplement by Sona Pure Essentials. Lucknow Farmers Market is collaborating with Sparklive, Inner Wheel Club of Lucknow, Prerna to launch an operational plastic collection campaign.


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