Junaid Khan faced rejection 7 times

Junaid Khan

Mumbai: Few people know outside of the industry know that Aamir Khan’s son Junaid has been around for a while. Following his 3 years of studies in dramatics and subsequent graduation, Junaid dedicated numerous years to honing his craft in theatre. However, theatre wasn’t his sole endeavor. Since 2017, concurrently with his theatrical pursuits, Junaid actively explored opportunities in the film industry.

Source close to the industry reveals, “Junaid auditioned a lot but faced numerous rejections, including from his father’s home production Laal Singh Chadda. Despite encountering seven significant rejections, the producer of his upcoming film stumbled upon one of Junaid’s previous audition tapes, offering him to audition. However, even this opportunity came with certain conditions.”

The filming of the movie began in February 2021 and concluded within eight months. Since then, Junaid has been waiting for its release. Junaid’s hard work was prominently displayed in the recently released poster of the film. The poster vividly showcases his hard work and passion towards his craft. Now, the lingering question that remains is whether all of this effort will indeed pay off?


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