It requires a large heart, and Salman Khan has it”: Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee

Mumbai: Salman Khan is indeed the biggest superstar in the nation. The star of the masses enjoys a crazy fan base across the globe. Despite being the biggest bankable name in the nation, Salman Khan is known for his generosity and being large-hearted. Time and again, several other actors and members of the film fraternity have been seen addressing the big hearted nature of Salman Khan.

A recent example of this was witnessed when Manoj Bajpayee highly praised Salman Khan for his generosity. The actor nowadays is seen promoting his upcoming films and during promotional interviews, Manoj Bajpayee said that Salman and he were both were front runners for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. The actor shared an incident from an award function in the early 2000s saying, “When Salman Khan’s name was announced as a winner for ‘Best Actor In Supporting Role’ for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Salman graciously went up to the stage and said .” I don’t know why I am getting this award, more than me Manoj Bajpayee deserves this award for his performance as Bhiku Mahatre in Satya”.

Manoj Bajpayee went on to say, ” It requires a large heart to say such statement on the stage and Salman did that. I really felt that there are good people like Salman Khan in the industry”

The statement from Salman Khan not only throws light on his kind-hearted nature but also addresses that the superstar never keeps himself away from valuing other actors in the industry. Meanwhile, Salman Khan is coming to the next Eid 2025 with Sikandar, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and directed by AR Murugadoss.


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