It is hard for some to digest the glory of India – PM Modi

PM Modi

Prayagraj: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi)  targeted former Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Samajwadi Party (SP) President Akhilesh Yadav and said that the princes do not see anything beyond their families.

Addressing a public meeting at Parade Ground before the polling for Allahabad and Phulpur seats on May 25,  Modi said, “The princes of Congress go abroad to abuse India. The princes of SP and Congress do not see anything beyond their families. Congress wants to give all the credit of independence to one family.”

Modi (PM Modi) said, “The liveliness that I have seen in the people of Prayagraj, I have seen in very few people. Today India is also in the same mood. Every patriot is happy with this. SP, Congress and Indi alliance people cannot digest the glory of India.”

The Prime Minister said, “The agenda of the Indi alliance people is to bring back Article 370 in Kashmir, cancel CAA, cancel strict laws against corruption. Will you give even a single vote to SP Congress for doing all this. ”

He (PM Modi) said, “This election of 2024 will decide where the triveni of India’s future will flow. How is India identified today? India is now identified by expressways, infrastructure. Big countries say that we also need India’s digital technology.”

Modi said, “Every corner of India testifies to the fact that development cannot be done by the indie alliance. If we look at the example of Kumbh in Prayagraj, during the SP government, there used to be stampede in the crowd during Kumbh, people had to lose their lives. There is chaos everywhere. Because they were more worried about their vote bank than Kumbh. They were afraid that if they were seen doing too much for Kumbh, their vote bank might get offended.”

He (PM Modi) said, “There is a competition of appeasement in Congress SP. Will the people who boycotted the Ram temple, who called Sanatan as dengue and malaria, allow the Kumbh Mela to be held next year in a good way?”

Modi said, “The character of SP and Congress is anti-development. How the people here were made to yearn for electricity. There was noise of generators outside every shop. Before 2017, the farmer brothers used to stay awake all night to irrigate the fields. Today, farmers are also getting electricity easily.”

He (PM Modi) said, “Bombs were used openly in Prayagraj, the goons and mafia used to boast about themselves. Can the shopkeepers and businessmen here forget those days? Ever since the BJP government has come, a cleanliness drive is going on here against the mafia. In the SP government, the mafia used to occupy the lands of the poor, now by demolishing their illegal palaces, the BJP government is building houses for the poor there.”

The Prime Minister (PM Modi) said, “Prayagraj is such a big center of education. Can the youth here forget how the SP government used to deal with your dreams? Your hard work, your qualification, but someone else used to get the job. Jobs were given on the basis of caste, jobs were given to those who gave bribes. They had made UPPSC a family service commission.”

He said, “The boat of the Indy alliance is sinking. Their only support is lies. Continuous lies, lies everywhere, lies again and again. They are spreading lies in the country about the Constitution. Who had conspired to change the Constitution by imposing emergency? This Allahabad High Court had curbed the dictatorship of Congress. So many years have passed, but the character of Congress has not changed.”

Modi said, “Baba Saheb Ambedkar was also against reservation on the basis of religion. But the Congress people are going against the Constitution and trying to give the reservation of Dalits and backward classes to their vote bank, vote jihadists. In Karnataka, the Congress government has given OBC quota to Muslims. Now they want to do the same thing across the country.”

He said that Modi has come to the land of Prayagraj today to give this guarantee that “I will not let these people snatch away the reservation of Dalits and backward classes. For Modi to continue serving you in future as well, your votes for Neeraj Tripathi from Allahabad seat and Praveen Patel from Phulpur seat will strengthen Modi.”

From the stage,  Modi appealed to the people to make Neeraj Tripathi and Praveen Patel, the candidates of Allahabad and Phulpur Lok Sabha seats respectively, victorious.


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