ISRO chief answers query on aliens on moon

ISRO chief

New Delhi: 9-year-old Ananthapadmanabhan, who is interested in space, asked some questions to ISRO Chief S Somnath according to his interest. The child’s happiness knew no bounds.

Ananthapadmanabhan is suffering from congenital myopia, an eye disease. ISRO Chief has answered Anantha’s questions through a video. Are there aliens on the moon? – Anantha.

According to media reports, Anantha asked many types of questions to S Somnath. Which included ‘When will India send humans to space?’, ‘Are there aliens on the moon?’, and is there any plan to send animals to space?

All the questions of Anantha were answered by ISRO Chief S Somnath. ISRO Chief told Anantha that ISRO is planning to send humans to space by the year 2040. At the same time, while answering the second question, he said that aliens are not present on the moon and there is no plan to send animals to the moon right now.

Anant was very happy after getting immediate answers to all his questions from the ISRO Chief. S Somnath wished Anant a speedy recovery and also expressed his desire to meet him.

Ananthapadmanabhan, a resident of Chennankode near Varkala, was admitted to the hospital on April 18 for periodic treatment due to his poor vision since birth. He is a fourth grade student at Rose Dale English Medium School in Kallambalam. How did Anant’s questions reach Somnath?

In the hospital where Anant was undergoing treatment, a patient was admitted next to Anant’s room and he helped Ananthapadmanabhan reach the ISRO chairman.

During the meeting with that patient, Ananthapadmanabhan asked questions about space and the moon. The person gently told the boy that he was not the person to answer his doubts. After this, the patient recorded a video clip of the boy’s curious questions and emailed it to Somnath.

After which ISRO Chief S Somnath immediately answered all his questions. The immediate response of the ISRO Chief put the boy on cloud nine.

According to reports, Ananthapadmanabhan said that I am very happy that I got a reply from the ISRO Chairman. I am interested in space science. I want to know more about it. Although I have not decided anything about future plans, I have a keen interest in this subject.

Mother also expressed happiness

His mother Athira S Kurup also shared her happiness. She said, I am happy that my son got appreciation from the ISRO Chairman. I am very happy that the treatment has given good results. There has been a good change since the treatment started. He can read clearly now. However, his treatment will continue for now.

Ananthapadmanabhan’s grandfather Shashidhar Kurup said that the boy was interested in space science from a very young age. He said, he used to have doubts every time and he would ask his teachers. His quest for knowledge is extraordinary. Now the answer of the ISRO Chairman has made everyone excited and happy. Ananthapadmanabhan’s father Ditheesh LB is working in Dubai.


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