Israel target Syrian military bases

attack on Israel

Baghdad: Iran launched a devastating missile attack on Israel in the wee hours of April 13th. Following this, speculations arose that Israel would retaliate, and indeed, exactly a week later on Friday, Israel struck Iran. However, the attack wasn’t limited to Iran; Israel also targeted Iraq and Syria. According to reports, Israel targeted a building in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, where a high-level meeting was underway with members of various groups supported by Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Several reports from Syria indicate that Israel targeted Syrian military bases in the southern and Daraa provinces. However, Iran has denied Israeli strikes. Israel has not officially confirmed these attacks yet. Syria and Iran are close allies. Syria has provided robust support to the Iranian-backed government amidst the civil war. Iran extends various forms of assistance to its ally Syria. Another common thread between them is their strained relations with the United States. Neither country enjoys good relations with America, and they don’t hide their amicable ties. Syria and Iraq are Iran’s major allies in the Middle East.

On Friday, Israel launched missile and drone strikes on several cities in Iran. There were reports of three missiles hitting Iran’s nuclear site. Following the explosions, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) raised the alert level at all their military bases. The air defense system was also activated. Iran’s state news agency reported that loud explosions were heard near the Isfahan city airport. Isfahan houses several nuclear plants, including Iran’s largest uranium enrichment program. After the blasts, several flights were diverted, but air services have now resumed normalcy.

It’s worth mentioning that on the night of April 13th, Iran launched missile and drone attacks on Israel. Iran launched over 300 different types of drones, including killer drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles. In response to this attack, the Israeli military immediately activated the air defense system.


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