Israel plans to launch a no – holds barred attack on Rafah

Tel Aviv: There is no visible impact of the ceasefire resolution passed in the UNSC on the dangerous war between Israel and Hamas. America says that there has been a deadlock in the ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas, but talks are going on for the release of hostages.

Meanwhile, a Lebanese newspaper revealed recently that the Israeli military is in no mood to make any concessions to Hamas following the failure of the latest round of talks in Qatar and has stepped up preparations for a ground operation on the city of Rafah as its next target.

Pro-Hezbollah Al-Akhbar, citing Egyptian sources, reported that they were in contact with Israel Defense Forces officials. He told that Israel’s new and bigger attack will take place after Eid-ul-Fitr. Israel could launch a ground attack on the city of Rafah on 12 April or at the latest in early May. The newspaper has expressed apprehension that the Israeli army is preparing to turn Rafah into a morgue like Gaza city.

Israeli army will massacre again!

Sources have said the ground offensive into Hamas’s last stronghold in the Gaza Strip could last four to eight weeks. Let us tell you that currently a population of 1.5 million is taking shelter in Rafah city. These are the people who fled to save themselves from the havoc of the Israeli army in Gaza Strip. Now these people are in danger of life. The Times of Israel reports that the Israeli military’s initial attack will be to destroy Hamas positions in Rafah. Also, civilians will have to be rescued. For the past few days, the Israeli army has been calling on the common people in Rafah city to move to safe places.

Israel should not target common people in Gaza

On the other hand, America has urged Israel not to target civilians in Gaza city but to protect them. US defense officials told their Israeli counterparts that any military operation in the southern city of Rafah should be carried out in a phased manner, taking into account the safety of civilians and aid delivery. The Pentagon said that the Israeli Defense Minister has definitely paid attention to the American officials, but it is not clear how much impact this meeting will have on the ground campaign being conducted by the Israeli army in Gaza.

America also worried about Israeli attack in Rafah

American leaders are continuously warning Israel against ground attack in Rafah city, but America’s warning is not having any effect on Israel. The news of rift between America and Israel was confirmed when the resolution for ceasefire in Gaza was passed with majority in the UNAC meeting. Only America did not vote in this resolution, but Israel alleges that being its friend, America should have used veto power against this resolution.


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