In Nainital, firefighters battle raging forest fire

Nainital: There is a massive fire in Nainital and surrounding forests in Uttarakhand. The army has now taken charge to control the fire. Air Force’s MI-17 helicopter has been deployed to extinguish the fire that has been burning continuously in the forests for the last 36 hours. On Saturday morning, the MI-17 helicopter started filling water from Bhimtal lake and pouring it on the forests.

MI-17 helicopter took charge to extinguish the fire

In fact, after a thorough discussion between the Chief Minister and top officials of the administration, it was decided to take the help of Air Force helicopter to control the fire. Under this mission, MI-17 helicopter of Air Force reached Nainital. After checking the air and water arrangements in the morning, at around seven o’clock the helicopter filled the bucket with water from Bhimtal Lake and left on the mission.

MI-17 helicopter also extinguished the fire in 2019-2021

SDM Pramod Kumar said that the fire is getting out of control in the forests from Pines to Ladiya Kanta, a helicopter has been sent to extinguish it. Let us tell you that even before this, in the years 2019 and 2021, MI-17 helicopters were deployed to control uncontrolled fires.

These areas of Nainital are in the grip of fire

It is noteworthy that the forests of Pines, Jeolikot, Bhumiyadhar, Narayannagar, Ramgarh, Mukteshwar and Bhawali etc. adjacent to Nainital are burning badly these days. Due to less rainfall this year, dry forests are burning in many places. The fire department and forest department are trying to control the fire. The fire is so severe that apart from both the departments, army personnel have also started controlling the fire.


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